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Radiant Face 18 Essential Oil Infused Face Moisturizer 1 oz or 4 oz

Radiant Face 18 Essential Oil Infused Face Moisturizer 1 oz or 4 oz

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Crafted with care using the finest pure ingredients from around the world, your face is hydrated, moisturized and protected, lines are diminished instantly and for hours throughout the day.

Esthetician Approved

"Radiant Face 18 is the most effective moisturizer on the market that I've ever used with my clients."

Barbara D. Byrd, Esthetician

Clean, vegan and chemical preservative-free.

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The 4 oz bottle gives you fast, one-hand, controlled dispensing--and lets you fill your 1 oz empty bottle for travel or daily use.

Make Radiant Face 18 a part of your daily self-care routine today!

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Using an ancient process, 18 is crafted with care using the finest pure ingredients from around the world. 

French lavender, rose absolute, coconut oil, cocoa butter, aloe vera, Roman chamomile, sunflower and avocado oils and a propriety blend that is pure magic!

Clean, vegan & cruelty free. No chemical Preservatives.


"The magic of 18 is that it's rich but not heavy. As a producer and publisher in this busy world, I make sure I never run out by having a monthly delivery subscription. After using '18' for the past few years, I need a lot less face care and makeup. Having mature skin, I get a softer more youthful look, by treating my décolletage and neck area.
This brings me confidence and joy." --Gayle Gladstone, California

"I love 18 and use it morning and night! I feel like it's the first defense for my skin and everything else is just icing on the cake! Because of how smooth my skin feels, I am using less of my face makeup; it just glides on and I need less of it. Even though 18 is made with oils, it absorbs quickly and never feels greasy-- just moisturized." --Val DeKam, Michigan

"18 smells amazing and keeps the moisture in my skin for hours. I stopped using 18 for a while and noticed a big difference. NY can have rough winters, and I was not liking how my skin felt or looked. As soon as I got 18 again so many people asked what I was doing because I looked so much younger and refreshed!! I can see the difference and feel the difference in my face. I also use it on my neck, elbows and hands!! I have not found anything like it. Thank you, Dawn!" --Lorraine Zemba, New York

Helpful Hints

If you wear makeup and want it to last longer, warm a little 18 between your palms and press it on top of your makeup.

If you are nearing the bottom of your 18, add a few drops of olive, avocado, safflower, jojoba or sunflower oil to make it last until your next bottle arrives.

For an all-over body moisturizer, mix a little 18 with coconut, olive, avocado, or your favorite oil and apply to dry skin.

For a luxurious treat for your face, use 18 as a deeply hydrating facial cleanser. Simply apply to dry skin at the end of the day and gently massage it into your skin. Use a soft, warm (not hot) wash cloth and in small, gentle circular strokes, wash off your day! Then when your face is still damp (not wet), apply a little more 18 so its magic continues while you sleep.

Dedicated to keeping Mother Earth healthy and happy, Radiant Face 18 is shipped to you in mailers made from recycled paper, which can be added to your recycling bin (the same as cardboard).