Frequently Asked Questions

 What Ingredients are in 18?

Using an ancient process, 18 is crafted with care using the finest pure ingredients from around the world. 
French lavender, rose absolute, coconut oil, cocoa butter, aloe vera, Roman chamomile, sunflower and avocado oils and a propriety blend that is pure magic!
Clean, vegan & cruelty free. No chemical preservatives.
Is 18 Vegan?
Yes! 18 is completely vegan and cruelty free
Does 18 come in different sizes?
Yes, you can buy 18 in 1oz or 4oz bottles. Go to the Shop to see all bottle size options.
Can I get a subscription to have 18 delivered on a regular basis?
Yes! Delivery subscriptions are available and you can choose the frequency of deliveries. Your subscription can be changed or canceled at any time--and you save money!
Is 18 good for all skin types?
Yes, it works well for all skin types and is especially good for dry, lined, mature skin. Even those with oily or troubled skin have seen remarkable results.
What is the shelf-life of 18?
18 lasts, without refrigeration, for two plus years. There is no water in 18, which helps prevent any bacterial growth.
Is 18 organic?
90% of 18 is organic and the other 10% is chemical-free.
How long does a 1 oz bottle last?
If used morning and night on your face, it usually lasts up to a month. If you apply it to your neck, chest and hands (which is fabulous!), you may want to buy the 4 oz size. You'll save money and decrease your carbon footprint.