Collection: Natural, Earth-Pure Facial Serum

Earth-pure. Artisan. Made in small batches. Cruelty-free. Vegan. 

Facial Serum #18 by Dawn Morningstar, lovingly called simply 18 by enthusiasts, is a highly resonating special blend of mostly organic, high-quality beneficial and essential oils.

Made in small batches by Dawn Morningstar using an ancient ritual, Facial Serum #18 blesses the one who uses it and everyone they encounter. Not only is it glorious for your face, neck, and hands, it aligns with what your skin needs -- and provides it--wherever you use it on your body.

"I created this because I wanted something that was not only non-toxic but actually good for body, mind, and spirit. Having had my esthetician's license, I know what is good for skin. I made hundreds of batches before perfecting this formula. It is the only moisturizer I EVER use on my face, neck, décolletage, and hands. I know you will love the fragrance!" Dawn Morningstar

Here are just a few ingredients in #18 and their healing properties:

❤ French lavender--calms and clears the skin, supports healthy stress response, balances emotions

❤ Rose Absout-cooling and restorative, soothing, timeless beauty aromatherapy 

❤ Coconut oil--anti-fungal and natural antibacterial, skin softener, claimed to be helpful for psoriasis and eczema 

❤ Cocoa butter--ultra hydrating, emollient, fights signs of aging 

❤ Aloe vera--soothes rashes and burns, calms inflammation, accelerates healing of cold sores

❤ Roman Chamomile--protects the skin and is anti-inflammatory 

The proprietary blend delights skin by providing long-lasting, hydrating moisture.

"The magic of #18 is that it's rich but not heavy. As a producer and publisher in this busy world, I make sure I never run out by having a monthly delivery subscription. After using '18' for the past few years, I need a lot less face care and makeup. Having mature skin, I get a softer more youthful look, by treating my décolletage and neck area. 
This brings me confidence and joy." --Gayle Gladstone, California

"I love #18 and use it morning and night! I feel like it's the first defense for my skin and everything else is just icing on the cake! Because of how smooth my skin feels, I am using less of my face makeup; it just glides on and I need less of it. Even though '18' is made with oils, it absorbs quickly and I don't feel greasy-- just moisturized." --Val DeKam, Michigan

"#18 smells amazing and keeps the moisture in my skin for hours. I stopped using '18' for awhile and noticed a big difference. NY can have rough winters, and I was not liking how my skin felt or looked. As soon as I got #18 again so many people asked what I was doing because I looked so much younger and refreshed!! I can see the difference and feel the difference in my face. I also use it on my neck, elbows and hands!! I have not found anything like it. 
Thank you, Dawn!" --Lorraine Zemba, New York

You can make Facial Serum #18 a part of your daily routine of self-care and self-love. #18 inspires you to live worthy of honor, love, and respect--and to expand honor, love, and respect to all of life.