Wringing Our Hands or Ringing The Bell?

I’m not sure about you, but the past few weeks have kicked my butt. The planet Mercury was retrograde and caused all kinds of problems with my computer, making it impossible to complete the online Living LOVE course I’m working on. A few appointments I scheduled turned out to be not when I thought they were, or my client thought theirs was (even after having confirmed them beforehand) and hundreds of banking transactions from my business checking account went missing from my online banking, causing a major delay in completing my taxes.
During this same timeframe, several of my friends and clients shared stories of feeling unusually tired or overwhelmed, or of having a weird thing happen that had to be dealt with, like an ice dam causing damage to the inside walls of her home (it’s a Minnesota thing).
Something not to be overlooked is the overall energy here in the U.S. and in other parts of the world that feels painful, confusing, and disheartening for many thoughtful, compassionate people—which adds a layer of collective angst that affects us all.
Sometimes we find ourselves wringing our hands, literally or figuratively.
So, here I sit today, in silent reflection, asking for the beautiful energy to be restored to me. As I practice myself and teach to others, I am feeling what needs to be felt—and then turning my attention to what I choose to feel in it’s place. Replacing the fully felt feelings with some new juicy and alive ones shifts the vibration of lower-vibrating thoughts into higher-vibrating ones—which helps us take steps back onto our path of peace and possibility.
Getting back on the path becomes easier when being authentic with a friend who you know will listen who doesn't try to “fix” you or give you advice, but who shows compassion and instead holds a space for your new awareness and energy to emerge. 
Taking small steps doing anything that feels good or causes a sense of progress helps too—no matter how small the step may be. We then move up the energetic scale of feelings, which is the direction our souls desire—ever upward, like the tulips that are pushing their way through the cold Minnesota ground outside my window. Those tulips pushed upward little by little by little.
Receiving a massage to move the old energies out of the body, taking a warm Epson salt bath or a cozy nap, enjoying a beautiful meal, and spending time in positive community and deep friendships restores and blesses us. So does making the appointment for the overdue oil change, organizing a messy room, or entering what feels like a million bank transactions one by one until the task is complete. I will be doing nearly all the things on this list. How about you? What do you do when life feels out of sorts?
The way we want to feel and be in the world is based on living in a sacred or higher dimension, which fulfills the longing of the soul to ring out its joyful sound. A little hand-wringing now and then provides the perfect contrast to catapult us upward in the direction of our highest self-expression and experience of life.
I hope you will join me in a day retreat I’ve co-created with Carole Hyder and Annette Rugolo called Living In A Sacred Dimension. We are offering methods, inspiration, and a way to connect with those who are committed to living a high vibration, sacred life.  
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