Women’s Heart-Centered Wealth Transforms the World

Twenty-five years coaching and observing women showed me a consistent, repeating pattern. Many women perform amazing, powerful, loving, and healing acts while giving from the depth of their souls—and are not always paid what they’re worth. Yes, I’m taking about money. 

Many of us don’t like talking about money, wealth, prosperity, and abundance. Perhaps that is because our contributions ARE so internal; we may think an external form of payment in the form of money does not seem to align energetically with the purity of our intentions and actions. Past negative messaging about money can also be a factor.

Our culture in the U.S. tells us, “if you work hard enough, the sky is the limit.” I’ve rarely seen a woman who does not work hard. 

If you are a woman who doesn’t struggle with prosperity, read on. There is probably a woman you care about who does. 

Money is the currency our culture uses to acquire basics like housing, clothing, food, and transportation. Money also allows us to have adventures, buy gifts for those we love, have a dinner out, and get a pretty outfit from time to time!

Money frees us to support causes and people we believe in and to experience and create lovely and meaningful lives for ourselves and others.

In addition to words of thanks one may offer, money is an energetic that demonstrates we value something.

Over the centuries, most women have not been valued in monetary ways for their immense contributions in areas of teaching, inventing, creating, healing, caregiving, inspiring, and supporting others—just to name a few. They may have had little or no control over how, where, or when money was spent.

Not having sufficient money makes women dependent on others and not fully free to express and create the lives they truly want to have.

Financial limitations may cause women to stay in relationships not aligned with their higher selves, perform illegal acts to get money (I’m thinking of the women in prison I met), and live feeling insecure overall. Financial insecurity does not help anyone.

Financial abundance and prosperity for women is key to the good fortune of us all. When women do better economically, they are empowered and make sure others do better too. It’s a fact. 

The Venerable Women organization is committed to the spiritual, social, and economic wellbeing of humanity through the empowerment of women and girls.

To that end, we ask that you pay what you can to your sisters who provide you with inspiration, support, nurturing, and connection who ask to be given a love offering, donation, or contribution (or offer it if they are uncomfortable asking). Then you are part of an empowerment circle in which you too reap economic prosperity.

Also know this: Venerable Women gatherings NEVER turn anyone away due to lack of money. All are welcome.

Light workers, healers, coaches, inspirers, helpers, caregivers, and heart-centered teachers are the ones whose energy is needed now—and must claim their economic abundance in order to do the important work at hand. 

Heart-centered wealth is a powerful and loving way to transform the world. Let’s build our wealth together, claim our abundance, and make everyone’s lives better! We all deserve happiness and freedom—and Venerable Women are positioned to lead the way.

Delve into your prosperity consciousness in the Venerable Women Book or CD.


Love and blessings,

Dawn Morningstar

Founder of Venerable Women

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