Women Being Bold, Saying Yes, and Doing Big Things

What can a woman be and accomplish when she is supported, uplifted, and honored in meaningful ways? She can be and do just about anything! Sandra McKinneyJill Christopherson, and Kate Bentley are three ideal examples of women being bold, saying yes, and doing big things.

Sandra, whom I’ve known, loved, and admired for many years, and Jill and Kate, whom I am getting to know and already love, graduated from Venerable Women’s Living LOVE program which I facilitated in Eau Claire, WI. Together, we examined and elevated our relationships with ourselves, our Divine, and others. It was a glorious experience and these three women decided to carry the energy our their inspiration to new heights.

When women come together and see the greatness within themselves and each other, their confidence grows making them more comfortable to take on roles, projects, and tasks that influence the world for good.

County Board Supervisor Sandra McKinney is mentoring 18 women running for public office in Eau Claire, WI. Photographer Kate Bentley is donating her time and talent to do headshots for the candidates. And Jill Christopherson said yes to run for City Council in District 4.

The Venerable Women organization expands women’s wisdom, worth, and wellbeing. We invite you to ask yourself, as Sandra, Jill, and Kate did, “What am I being called to say, create, or cause in the world? What support do I need? When will I begin?”

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