What’s Beyond “Either-Or?”

When my daughters were 10 and 13, I complimented one of them on the outfit she’d put together on her own. When I did, my other daughter said, “Don’t you think I look good too?” My darling daughter did not realize that my acknowledgment to one was not a rebuke of the other. It was not an either-or. It was an implied “and."

Many people feel they need to choose between this thing or that thing, this person or that person, choice A or choice B. Certainly there are times a definitive choice needs to be made, and there are other situations in which an inclusive response is beneficial to everyone involved. 

For example, are parents encouraged to like one child or the another? Does loving one’s country or ethnicity mean they cannot love other nationalities as well? Are we able to love our fellow citizens and hold space in our hearts to love others around the world? Can we not walk and chew gum at the same time? I know we can.

The current state of affairs in the U.S. is filled with anxiety and it’s our job to dig a little deeper to see what’s trying to be unearthed. I’ve come to believe that if we allow for it, evolution to a higher way of being can be our outcome. The either-or syndrome is divisive and small-minded; when an “and” is allowed, we can instead be inclusive and generous of spirit. More elevated ways of thinking, doing, and communicating are not only our salvation, but our gifts. We simply feel better about ourselves and others when we choose the higher path. 

May you have a week filled with “ands” and be blessed by an abundance of lovely experiences.

Love and blessings, 
Dawn Morningstar

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