What Our Hearts Long For

If focusing on all the bad news we keep hearing in our country and in our world would help and make things better, then I would focus on it all day long! But keeping attention on the negative, dishonorable, and fearful does not make anything better; it actually makes its influence expand.
We have the power within us to shift the energy from fear to love, and it's simpler than we may think.
Surely we need to keep our heads out of the sand and stay informed about what's going on in the world--yet we don't benefit by stewing in the juices of bad actions and intent. Instead we can create a new recipe for expanding right action and sweet intention.
My recipe:
--One part information (from news and media)
--Two parts feeling what I need to feel about it all (sad, angry, confused, fearful, grieving)
--Three parts staying focused on why I am here on Earth and the ways I can expand love--knowing there is a new world emerging and I am part of its materialization
--Four parts consciously choosing to spend more and more time with uplifting, loving, kind, on-the-path-to-a-better-world-for-all people
--Five parts staying in communion with my Divine to feel oneness and love. Asking what is mine to do, what actions am I to take and what energy am I to hold in the creation of a new world keep me on track
A woman I know and admire told me how she has taken in a young man who has had very little support and love in his life. She provides a home for him and does simple things that make his life easier as he works hard to build a future for himself. Action by action and person by person, each of us are literally constructing a new world. This woman is one of its architects.
I shared my recipe for dealing with the craziness we find ourselves living through individually and collectively. What's your recipe?
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash
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