Venerable Women BEST DAY Ritual

In this week's inspiration, I'm offering a tried and true tool to stay on the path to living as your highest and best self. 

Are you ready for each day to be your BEST DAY?


Printable Version of the Venerable Women BEST DAY Ritual

Breathe a blessing of gratitude and connection to the Divine upon waking.

Enlist help/guidance from angels, saints, God, Universe, Spirit, Divine, Higher Power, etc. Because of our free will, guidance and support cannot be given without our asking and consent. Engage in meaningful spiritual practice.

Self-care: brush teeth before eating or drinking anything, drink water to hydrate, apply products that bless your body, all natural and chemical-free. Look into your eyes in a mirror and know you are a vessel for the Divine to express in the world. Avoid checking the news of the day or email until after your Best Day practice. Gently stretch your body.

Tend to concerns: by this time, some concerns may have crept in or are just below the surface. The brain/mind needs to be kept busy so if we don’t have a problem, the mind will create one! Name your concerns and acknowledge them, letting them know you will revisit them later if necessary. Many times, they solve themselves, or become irrelevant.

Dance! Yes, really dance! Find a few songs on YouTube or from a favorite CD that really make your heart sing and play one! Dance to the whole song. Some days you may choose an upbeat danceable song; other days you may choose a gentler more profound piece of music. The idea is to move the body while enjoying music for the soul. This locks in what you have just done. Plus, it’s fun!

Align with and affirm your higher self for the day. Choose an essential oil, affirmation card, favorite piece of jewelry, or other memento as a physical reminder to have with you throughout the day to stay in the Best Day mindset and way of being.

Yes your day. My editor would urge me not to use words in ways other than what they are intended. However, I am taking the liberty of using the word yes as a verb in this instance. To say yes to the day in all ways, engages us deeply in the rich experience of being human—and helps us to see the blessing that it really is.


Listen to the recorded inspiration here. This recording includes a meditation and centering in addition to the Venerable Living BEST DAY Ritual--and much more!


PS If you like staying freshly inspired, please join us Tuesday, June 19th at 7:00 PM for our next Vennie Connect! All previous recordings are available in our Vennie Connect Library.

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