Uncover Your Gold

If you were to be given a gold medal for something, anything, in your life—what would you like it to be awarded to you for?
Photo by Daria Tumanova on Unsplash
The Winter Olympics show the world what dedication, hard work, choice, and talent can bring forth in the athletes’ performances. Watching the Olympics, we see only a small part of what must surely add up to the 10,000 hours experts say creates excellence in any field. 
Think for a moment: what have you done for 10,000 hours that creates excellence within you? That’s roughly 418 days. If you’re 30 years old, that’s less than 4% of your life; and if you’re 60, it’s less than 2% of your life.
Over the course of your life, think of how many hours you may have:
  • consoled or listened deeply
  • been a caring friend
  • read or listened to books that elevated your life
  • walked in nature
  • created loving environments
  • cooked or ate healthy food
  • problem-solved your way through challenging situations
  • shared, laughed, sang, danced
  • searched for meaning
  • created art, music, or beauty in some form
  • stayed consciously aware
  • lived with intention
  • been kind, chosen love
  • forgiven
  • add your own…
It’s easy and somewhat of a personal pastime for some of us to look at the areas of our lives in which we think we fall short. I find myself doing that too—and then use inner awareness
(V-Attitudes #1, #2, and #3) to snap myself back to what’s real and true.
Okay, so up on the podium you go! Claim your gold medal of excellence for a part of your life in which you excel. Our collective good energy adds to sweetness in our world. Let’s do this together. Go Team Venerable!
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