The Wisdom in Waiting

It’s officially spring and we are having a snowstorm in Minnesota. April snow in our state is not the most unusual thing in the world, but it does feel a little deflating. A few weeks ago, we had a reprieve from winter; some warmish days invited singing birds and throngs of people to show up outdoors. Minnesotans felt happy, but our happiness was short-lived.

Perhaps you’ve heard the story of a farmer who went out at night and tugged on plants in his fields in an effort to have them grow faster. It didn’t work.

Over the past year or so, there were moments I felt impatient with the progress of the Venerable Women organization thinking, "I am working so hard and listening to Divine guidance; why aren’t more women seeing the beauty in what we are offering and joining us in transforming themselves and the world together?"

In all three of these examples, patience and acceptance can bring us peace—if we remember to trust in Divine timing. The wisdom of the Universe is far greater than our own and when we stop resisting what is, peace replaces fear, impatience, and disappointment.

Acceptance doesn’t mean we have to like or agree with what’s happening, yet we will float in waters of joy much quicker when we stop resisting.

The snow will melt in Minnesota; seedlings of brightly-colored plants will push up through the earth and delight us.

The seeds of the Venerable Women organization and movement are also growing in ways I could not have imagined, without a single pull or tug from me. We've graduated 24 students from our Living LOVE Program, my book is now available on, and the second edition of the Venerable Women book in print and Kindle is about to be released.

What are you waiting to have happen in your life?

Hold that sweet seedling in your heart and know that it is in fertile soil, blessed by our Divine and will blossom in just the right time.

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