The Gift of Transformation

There is a lot of focus on transformation these days. A worthwhile question to ask is, “what am I choosing to transform from—into, and what support do I need?” This simple yet important inquiry about what to change and how to do it sets intention and focus into motion.

Transformation can happen with gentle grace and ease, or change can be thrust upon life with little warning. However transformation appears, it is a call to let go of one way of being and replace it with another.

No longer being what we were, and not yet being what we will be, can feel uncomfortable, to say the least. Change requires us to let go and take a chance on what we can become. Accessing and using inner awareness is the key.

Having been the self-proclaimed “queen of holiday meals, especially Thanksgiving,” a true transformation has occurred in my life. My daughters now do a beautiful job of hosting holiday meals and my role is one of being a helper. My new role felt a little odd at first—and now I feel liberated in a way I could not have imagined. I’m happy to have help from the V-Attitudes to inspire me along the way.

The V-Attitudes (Venerable Attitudes) are a supportive guide for transformation journeys of all kinds. These wise gems inform my personal practice and the practice of thousands of others in the venerable sisterhood and community.


May you use the V-Attitudes in ways that support you, inspire you, and cause you to remember who you are as your finest self—and how you choose to express that most beautiful, empowered, and loving self.


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