The Creative Power of Hope—Wishing Does Make It So

What is that one thing you really wish with all your heart would happen? How fully do you feel a sense of hope about it? Or are you convinced on some level you shouldn’t be hopeful because you don’t want to be disappointed if your wish doesn’t materialize?


Being hopeful has taken a bad rap over the years. Hope was aligned with the concept of wishing, and as many of us were taught “Wishing doesn’t make it so.” What if hope and wishing are two very real paths to creation?

In Venerable Women’s fourth V-Attitude (venerable attitude), we affirm that the ways to create or manifest something are to use intention, intuition, and feeling.

Intention is simply focus. Think of a four-year-old in a toy store lusting after a particular toy. Have you ever witnessed such focus? This is the kind of focus that gets results. Chances are the adult with the child will purchase the toy that day—or as a gift for an upcoming birthday or holiday.

We don’t need to throw tantrums in toy stores to create or manifest; we must, however, get clear on what our intention is, why we want it, and keep our focus upon it. Uncovering the path to our dreams and desires is where intuition comes in.

Using our intuition helps us manifest and create our heart’s desire because it shows us a path to it. Intuition might also guide us to a different intention that would please us more or be even better for us—yet we will only know this if we are listening. Intuition is the collective wisdom of the entire Universe whispering in our ear.

Feeling is another effective ingredient in the creation formula. May we truly understand the power that lies in our feelings! Feeling the heart’s desire as though it has already happened and feeling profound gratitude for it, aligns the energy of the desire with its manifestation into reality.

Tapping into the reason we want the desire in the first place is a profoundly potent way to bring it about. Is my desire something that will elevate me in some way? Will it benefit the lives of others? What impact would having my desire come forth have on the world?

Desiring something personal, just for you, is a wonderful thing! The desires of your heart, the desires that make you feel alive and in love with life, come from the Divine, expressing Itself in the world through you.

The desires of our brothers and sisters around the globe, those heart’s desires that they believe will make them joyful and alive—may we feel those dreams into reality with them.

May our entire world feel happiness.

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