Snooze or Arise?

When you wake up in the morning, what makes you want to get out of bed? On mornings when it feels truly hard to even think about waking up and starting the day, what finally gets you up and moving?
Popping up out of bed happily or ruefully hitting the snooze button both have to do with possibility. When we pay conscious attention, the first waking moments of our day can serve as a powerful invitation for us to consider what is possible. What will today bring--something dreaded (usually something we are resisting)? Or will the day become a gift that is enjoyed and cherished (because we are aligned with our highest selves)?
Possibility lifts the veil between what we think might happen and what can happen, allowing us to create and experience fulfillment and even joy. I say "even joy" because some people say, "These are strange and uncertain times for a lot of people, Dawn. Feeling joyful seems like a stretch."
Using inner awareness to pay deep attention to 1. what we are feeling, 2. what we are needing, and 3. what we would like to experience in any given situation create a trifecta to push the door of possibility wide open. 
Each of us is much more powerful than we sometimes realize, and hitting the snooze button at any time of day by going unconscious is no longer our most beneficial option. As empowered and awakened people we create lives of joy for ourselves and in turn, influence the world around us for good.
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