Rise in Love Day

Can we, just for a moment, imagine a world with no conditions whatsoever placed on the presence or declaration of love? 

Paige Severson says, "I love you" with a warm smile to almost everyone she encounters. When we first started working together, it made me genuinely happy to see her do this. My old programming about love kept me from being totally comfortable saying those words to just about everyone I met--though my heart is open to loving all people. Plus, I wondered, "Will it make another uncomfortable to hear those words?" We're just not that used to it, I reasoned.

It's the first day of a brand new year--so let's start it off in a bold way regarding love!

Out on a limb, I will say this to you: I love you. Yep, really. I love you because LOVE IS and YOU ARE.  

My invitation to you:

Join me and release all the conditions for love—and simply be open to love in all its forms—for 24 hours. Are you willing to try it? 

Rise in Love Day

24 hours of unconditional love for every person we encounter and think of. (Start at 9:00 AM

on January 1st and end—if you want to—at 9:00 AM on January 2nd).

You don't have to say "I love you" yet feeling it and sending out feelings of unconditional love will work wonders! We're raising the vibrational energy of the entire planet this way.

Let us know how you feel doing this in the comments below!

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