Rise in Love

This post was inspired by a conversation in our latest Vennie Connect. Curious? Click here.

Who do we love? Some may feel that love is to be reserved for those they personally know and trust, mainly those in their inner circle of family, friends, and kin. They may not yet know that all beings benefit from the extraordinarily high vibration of love, and that each of us really can choose to love anyone and everyone.

I know, we may think, “but what about the one who is cruel or greedy or flat-out wrong?” The actions of the person may be abhorrent, but as an extension of Divine being, we do best to love them anyway. Here’s why:

Much of what we’ve learned or even practiced in regard to love is not love at all. We may have believed that someone had to be a certain way or do (or not do) specific things in order to prove their love to us.  

We may still believe that someone we love must tell us they love us in a particular way or that our beloved must love us more than others. We might even expect that when we tell someone we love them, they must say those words back to us—and we may even judge how they say it to make sure it satisfies us.

Perhaps we were shown that we had to behave in a particular fashion in order to be loved, or that we had to be perfect (or close to it). We might have felt we had to prove ourselves worthy of the love of another. These are all conditions for love and if we can wrap our heads and hearts around the idea that love is, then conditions need not apply!

Another reason to love everyone is because our thoughts and feelings about each person affect them in real ways. When we withhold love, we prevent a shower of high vibrational energy to wash over another. Perhaps they can benefit from that blessing, so why wouldn’t we do it? 

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Love is probably undefinable, yet we know it when we feel it. That is why falling in love feels so exquisite: finally, someone sees us deeply and likes what they see. They want more. They see us. We feel they want to unwrap the present that is us. The core of love, like a molten lava center, warms us and overflows. Our new beloved unleashes that in us. What if instead of falling in love we were to rise in love with everyone, absolutely everyone? 

Love awaits in each moment, each breath, each heartbeat. Inspiring deep connection, trust, and collaboration are three ways we open the door to love.

Can we, just for a moment, imagine a world with no conditions whatsoever placed on the presence of love? If we were to individually release all the conditions for love—and simply be open to love in all its forms—for 24 hours, what would the outcome be? Are you willing to try it? 


January 1, 2018 is the beginning of a new year, so please join me in 24 hours of unconditional love for every person we encounter and think of. (Start at 9:00 AM on January 1st and end—if you want to—at 9:00 AM on January 2nd).

Listen to the Vennie Connect conversation on love here.


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