Peace, Empowerment, and Prosperity

We hear a lot about transformation, but what does it really mean? Transformation is shifting from one way of being to another. The good news is that because we each have awareness and free will, we are able to choose in every moment, with every breath and thought, what we would like to experience and create. You can transform your life one moment at a time!

Breathe deeply into this moment. As you breathe in, remember that you are worthy of being the truest and best version of yourself. When you are happy and content with your life, you have beautiful, sparkling energy to share with others and to create more goodness in our world.

You are worthy of joy just as all beings are because at our core, we are all worthy of honor, love, and respect. This is true because we are extensions of our Divine.
As expressions of the Divine here on this earth, we all long to create and experience beautiful, fulfilling, and meaningful relationships, experiences, and material things. The truest form of prosperity comes easily to you because it aligns with your soul’s higher purpose, waiting to be expressed.

It is our nature to want beauty, love, connection, love, and joy because it is from these attributes that we are made. Let us welcome our heart’s desires as expansion of Divine goodness here on our earth.

Focus on your breath now, dear one, and give yourself permission to be happy, to be fully alive, to experience all that makes you joyful at a deep level. Feel peace activated by your breath.

Know peace as your natural way of being. Feel empowered because the fires of loving creation are your inner power. Feel prosperous because you know you have everything you need to attract all you desire and create the life you want.

Say to yourself: I breathe peace. I breathe empowerment. I breathe prosperity. This is who I am. Whenever I focus on my breath, I activate the highest and best version of myself—expressing as the Divine here on earth. And so it is.

Short Version:
I breathe peace because I was created as peace.
I breathe empowered as I tap into my inner power, which comes from my higher self.
I breathe the breath of prosperity because all comes from the Divine, which delights in my joyful creations.


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Love and blessings,
Dawn Morningstar

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