Granting Yourself Permission

When were you first aware of your intuition? And when did you learn to trust it? Do you sometimes have difficulty believing the voice of your inner knowing? If so, you’re not alone.


Many women have a very pronounced grasp of their intuition from a young age, but then slowly over time begin to lose faith in its power. They may be taught to believe that only logic and reason are to be valued and trusted, not a feeling they may have.


Our culture has placed a premium on what can be seen and what is known, many times not allowing for the unseen and yet-to-be-known—which is where unlimited creativity, solutions, and bright ideas reside.


Coaching women for over 25 years, I’ve been blessed to witness the joy of those who fully awakened to and began to trust their inner wisdom, first in small and then in big ways. We would develop a plan together and they would get in tune with who they were at their core as they moved forward. They liked what they found inside themselves. Their world blossomed and they stepped fully into lives they had envisioned for a long time. They had taken the bold step of granting themselves permission, permission to trust themselves and the gifts they have.


Most people have had a “gut” reaction at some point in their lives, intuition that goes beyond a feeling and is experienced and felt in the body.


Scientists call the digestive system (gut) the little brain or enteric nervous system or ENS. As I typed the previous sentence I realized that to many it may feel better knowing that science had put its seal of approval on it and even gave it a name! Though it’s probably true that intuition would have told us it is as powerful as the mind for centuries!


Intuition is considered to be a feminine quality though all people have it. It doesn’t really  matter who has a keener sense of intuition; it matters how much the intuition is used, trusted, and valued.


Our culture is slowly changing to be more approving of ideas that were considered taboo or weird just a decade or two ago: think Feng Shui, yoga, acupuncture, essential oils, crystals, and meditation. Intuition may not yet be seen as the powerful tool and gift it is—to guide, inspire, and enrich our lives.


Together, we can welcome in a new era of respecting and honoring indomitable, loving attributes like intuition and inner knowing, and let’s not stop there. We can add inclusion, kindheartedness, generosity, and respect to the list of ways we show love for ourselves and others.


Let’s all grant ourselves permission to boldly and wildly, live from the inside of our wise and beautiful selves to the outside.


Love and blessings,

Dawn Morningstar

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