Goddess Emerging

Tremendous waves of change for women are washing onto the shores of our collective consciousness.  Many women are awakening to live as their highest and best lives, insisting their voices be heard, and supporting one another in new ways. Movies are being made about real women’s lives and motherhood, many women are being heard and respected anew, and more women are being chosen as leaders. These are just some of the powerful moon tides impacting our oceans of evolution. The Goddess emerges from the undertow to bless and help us chart a new course for all humanity.
This past weekend, Mother’s Day was celebrated in the U.S. honoring mothers and nurturers, and prompted many of us to focus on motherhood, relationships, love, nurturance, caregiving, healing, and kindheartedness—all attributes of the Goddess. The Goddess can be as gentle and loving as a mother tenderly holding her newborn for the first time, and she can also be as fierce and dedicated as a warrior mightily protecting what she values.
The Goddess appears in many forms and her influence is great. Above all she values love, honor, and respect for all of life—and does not apologize for that. She holds the sacred space for every voice to be heard and every life to be valued.
The Goddess knows our struggles and how even though we are swimming in the direction of higher consciousness and action, we may feel as if we may not make it to the shoreline. She is readily activated in each of us who desire her assistance, offering humankind a floatation device for the journey and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation if needed. The Goddess never runs out of energy or breath herself though, because she gratefully breathes the breath of the Divine and shares it with all beings. She urges us to breathe in that manner too.
Goddess energy rises up from a deep sea of grand love to soothe us, refresh our spirits, and connect us to self, Divine, and others.

  • We’ll talk more about journeys and Goddess energy on the Vennie Connect live call. Tuesday, May 15th, 7 PM CST.  Please join us if you can. 
  • In June, we’ll do a deep dive into sacred consciousness, get inspired and connected—and have big fun at our Living LOVE Self-Care Retreat at the Christine Center in Wisconsin. June 8-13th (come for all or part of the retreat)

Dear one, let us breathe the breath of our highest selves and activate the Goddess within each of us welcoming hope, empowerment, right action, and the refreshing waters of pure love.
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