From Broken to Beautiful

Several years ago, Katya had a solid idea to start a new business. She told her friend Sarah about her take on how to meditate in a unique way that anybody could do and Sarah was intrigued, thinking Katya’s idea was one that could change the lives of many people for the better. Katya needed seed money to get her idea off the ground and Sarah decided to invest in her friend. The timing seemed perfect because Sarah had just received an unexpected settlement from a lawsuit. Perhaps her investment in Katya’s business would help humanity and make the two of them some income for their futures. It seemed ideal.


Sadly, Katya’s business did not succeed. Katya’s shame and embarrassment caused her to avoid Sarah and shun any attempt to acknowledge her friend’s act of generosity and support-or to even try to compensate her in any way. Sarah was hurt, angry, and felt shame for having squandered away money that would make her own life better and more secure.


Years passed and the two friends drifted apart with bad feelings all around. One day, Sarah received a phone call from Katya asking to meet for coffee at what had once been their favorite Saturday morning spot. Sarah agreed to meet.


They decided they would start off the meeting with a hug and a sharing of what each of them was feeling. One at a time, they shared from the heart. After finding out some ways Katya could honor her friend’s investment, she offered to help Sarah with a huge house project she had going on-and send affordable monthly payments to her. Sarah was happy to have the help and the extra money, and Katya’s actions made her feel better about herself, better in fact, than she had in years.


This true story (names have been changed and some of the details) reminds me of Kintsugi, (golden joinery, or to patch with gold), the Japanese art form in which broken pottery is repaired using lacquer resin dusted with real gold in powder form. Rather than hiding the broken parts, they are celebrated and honored, and turned into something new and even more beautiful than before.

Venerable Women Kintsugi

May the concept of Kintsugi inspire something in your life or in the life of someone you love, to go from broken to beautiful. It’s a choice and a worthy one at that.

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