Finding Our Sisters Again

Over the past few months, the Venerable Women sisterhood has been a presence at many women’s events designed to connect and inspire: expos, circles, retreats, gatherings, spiritual centers, luncheons, and forums—just to name a few.

Even an afternoon of shopping turned into a time of connection and inspiration among women. One autumn afternoon a few weeks ago, I did an impromptu talk and reading about women’s empowerment at a clothing and art boutique in Stockholm, Wisconsin!

At our Bold Conversations public gathering at Barnes and Noble last week, several women showed up and we each drew a Venerable Women affirmation card, introduced ourselves, and focused on what felt important in our journeys. Sitting in the store’s public gathering space, we meditated openly and began our discussion.

A woman sitting at a table across from us observed what we were doing and came up and asked if she could join us. She said, “I just knew I was supposed to be a part of this—even though I didn’t know what you were doing! My intuition told me to join you.”

These gatherings and many like them put women in deep and meaningful contact with one another. Their happiness is palpable knowing they can walk a path of self-awareness, purpose, and love with others on that same path.

Going it alone has been rough to say the least—so spending time in high vibration community is a soothing balm and provides sweet inspiration for our journeys.

Flies on walls are probably getting used to hearing one woman say to another, “Though we just met, I feel like I know you already,” or “Wait, don’t I know you from somewhere?” or “I haven’t seen you forever, but it seems like exactly the right time to see you now.”

Some women report thinking of an old friend and receiving an email or phone call from that friend within 24 hours.

Upon observing women in all these sparkling connections, I am fond of saying, “We are all finding one another again.”

We truly are finding one another again—from past lives, from earlier in this lifetime, from a deep place we sometimes cannot even describe. Our re-connections are timely and purposeful.

It is glorious to experience the way women are showing up at the afore-mentioned gatherings; they are playing with big heart, collaborating and supporting one another rather than competing, and opening even more to living as their highest and best selves.

This coming week, may you find your connection with yourself deepening and may those you are “finding again” be a source of mutual blessing in meaningful and timely ways.

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