Dreaming Our Dreams Into Reality

Farewell to 2018! What theme did this passing year represent in your life?

And then, most hopefully, ask, “What theme would I like 2019 to hold?”

Dreams, goals, and aspirations are the inner calling from our souls to expand and evolve.

As we listen and give the head, heart, and torso of our hopes legs, we expand possibility in our lives and in the world.

Dreaming our dreams with great, innocent, and unshakeable intent is exactly what makes them real—and feeling  the desires of our hearts with gusto and belief is the way to create a new world. Let’s do that together.

There are at a minimum one million of us with kind and loving intent who hold the vision and manifestation of a kind and loving world for ourselves and for our world.

May we be undeterred by the distractions of an old world paradigm crumbling—and replace them with the clear intention of that which we want to see happen. We have that power.

Please enjoy this song as an anthem to bring our shared dreams into reality.

Happy New Year, dear one.

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