Complex Changes, Simple Remedies

Is it just me, or are you finding that many people are experiencing transitions in their lives? Perhaps it is you who is going through a change in your living situation, career, relationship(s), health, finances, or other area of life.

Change, wanted or unwanted, anticipated or unexpected, washes up on the shore of life from time to time—and can vary in its effect upon us.

We may swirl in the whirlpool of change’s complexities and decision-making, yet no matter the size or scope of the transition, there are ways to navigate into new and calm waters.

Tried and true in my 25-year coaching practice and in my own life, here are six ways to chart and celebrate a new course for your life when change emerges:

1. Fully feel what you need to feel about your situation, yet don’t stay stuck in the feeling.

2. Breathe into the moment to become present. Your best ideas wait in the present moment.

3. Trust your Higher Self, that part within you that is your wise self; it will never fail you.

4. Ask for help: from your Divine, a trusted friend, a family member, a professional. You don’t have to do this alone. When you welcome help, you allow others to feel good about their contribution—and to show their love for you.

5. Take meaningful action based on your highest and best ideas only—not rushing into solutions that may not be right for you.

6. Honor the change and feel gratitude for how it has transformed you.

A body of water must change in order to stay fresh; new elements must be introduced and old ones expelled. Human bodies must transform every moment to stay healthy and vital. When we are purposeful and conscious of changes in our own lives, we can evolve in healthy and vibrant ways as well.

Because of the transitions we encounter and the elevated choices we can make, may we set sail from where we are now to the wider sea of possibility that beckons.
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