Circle of Life: Living and Dying in HD

''What would you do first if you knew you would live to be a million years old?’’ is a line from a novel by Michael Byers. Thinking about living for a million years would make one feel almost immortal. Almost. Inevitably though, we will all leave this earth plane, as when in this hypothetical question, the million years is up.

Back in the 90s, I loved being taught by a spiritual mentor of mine to stop saying that someone had died and instead say they had "made their transition." The explanation I was given was that we are simply passing from one form of existence to another. It felt hopeful to me and made sense in my being. And perhaps it took the edge off of a topic not many of us like to discuss at all.

Living in a death-defying culture makes it uneasy and fearful for many to talk or even think about death, attend a funeral, or have a will drawn up. We just don’t like to think about death—our own or that of others. What do we forfeit by avoiding this topic?

We’ve heard stories of those who have profound shifts and transformations occur if they are told they have a certain length of time to live. They may become more grateful, introspective, and focused on what’s deeply important. Their living feels more alive because they are dying. The dying one may begin to feel whole as they align more fully with their innermost and truest values and take actions that make their lives make sense in deep-seated ways.

Some even say, aside from feeling the sadness of leaving this earth and the ones they love— that they are happier, freer, and more peaceful than ever before. It’s as though they begin to live their lives in a high degree of detail, color, and vitality—as though they are living in HD, or high definition.

What would our lives be like right now if we began to live as though every moment truly counted and by doing so we could embrace the circle of our lives in rich new ways?

Who could we become if we chose to live in HD?

As we live in high definition, we awaken fully to our own circle of life which contains our birth, all of our living, and then our dying. This concept of living in high definition or HD was introduced by Venerable Women Luminary Leader Deb Mechley. Deb is a light-filled Health and Wellness Coach, Hospice Nurse, facilitator, and Master Coach. She will share her wisdom and powerful perspective on living and dying in HD Tuesday, June 19th at 7 PM CST on our Vennie Connect free call and podcast. This is a call you won’t want to miss!

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May this coming week awaken you to increased joy, vitality, and meaning.

Love and blessing,
Dawn Morningstar
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