Change Comes Through Relationships

2018 has been called “The Year of the Woman,” making many women feel honored and in some ways, invited or urged to step up into greater leadership roles. It’s exciting! 

On our Vennie Connect call last night, I interviewed Councilmember Jill Christopherson, a Venerable Women Luminary Leader and City Council member in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

In our discussion, Jill talked about how women who lead and run for public office excel in these areas: embracing diversity, giving voice to everyone in the room, deep listening, being authentic, collaborating, caring, supporting, and building inclusive relationships. Mentoring is also a virtue women bring to the table.

For example Senator Tammy Baldwin utilized the skills, talent, and heart of young women to manage her campaign. Mentoring in this way brought a new generation of women leaders into the collective conversation that affects the future for all of us.

Something else remarkable I learned from Jill is that many women running for political office in her district shared campaign literature for others they support when they were out door-knocking—and would tell residents about other candidates’ strong points, not just their own. This is relationship-building and collaboration.

A gift Jill received from door-knocking and attending public forums while campaigning and then being elected came from listening, really listening, to what was important to her constituents, the people she would serve. Knowing the concerns and desires of the residents in her district helped her to be informed and to feel at one with her community in new ways. She vowed she’d always stay aware and listen to the heartbeat of her community.

I wonder how many of us really know what’s going on right around us, and how taking the time to find out and connect could seed new and authentic relationships—and we could feel what true community really is. 

Community could go from being simply a concept to being a rewarding human experience. We might even move beyond holding strict opinions of this issue or that and come together to form loving and kind affiliations, connections, and solutions that would bless us all. 

Jill's words, "Change comes through relationships," are inspiring.

Consider how you are called to lead—or how you can support others who are answering the call. We are the change the world needs. 

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Love and blessings,
Dawn Morningstar

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