Calling All Lightworkers!

There is a lot of yuck in the world right now and much of it can be found in the U.S. where many of our venerable readers live. Dark, heavy, and murky energies make many wonder WTF? 
Throngs of us on the spiritual path thought we were progressing as a loving, evolved species and may now spend moments questioning if that’s true. Breathe easy, dear one, and know there is good news, very good news.
Dark and menacing energies of any kind are transformed by one thing: light. We’ve heard this before. 
It is true that upon entering a darkened unfamiliar room, which can feel frightening by not knowing what lies within, flipping on a lamp or lighting a candle sheds literal light on the room (or situation). Once the room is illuminated, we can proceed soundly—even if we don’t like what we see. Sunlight, or light of any kind, is a disinfectant of sorts, ridding our lives of diseased corners and dark spaces. Light is that powerful.
Have you heard someone described as a Lightworker or believe you are one yourself? 
A Lightworker (capitalization added by me to show respect) is generally described as one who made an agreement before being born to be a loving helper to humanity and has these traits:
  • Is interested in and respects spirituality and inspiration
  • Has an insatiable desire to help humanity and transform the world for good
  • Is deeply compassionate, sensitive, or empathetic 
  • May have been told as a child or adult, “You are too sensitive!”
  • Is recharged by spending time alone in meditation, contemplation, or ritual
  • Thinks outside the box; is a creative
  • Feels connection to nature and the cosmos
If some of these attributes describe you, then proclaim yourself a Lightworker and share your light with the world! We don’t need to wait for someone to see that in us or feel we are not good enough. Being a Lightworker is not about being perfect. Being a Lightworker is about being committed. 
Everything that is happening right now is to lead us to our inner light. The more the light of love shines from within us, the less the darkness of fear prevails. This is the time for our light. We will not be deterred. We are Love’s Light.
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