Bras and New Beginnings

The smallest things can make the biggest difference. I learned this recently when I partnered Venerable Women with a women’s prison re-entry facility. This residential re-entry center houses women who have left federal prison and are there to begin the process of re-integrating into society and going back into their lives.

When the women leave federal prison and arrive at the residential re-entry facility, they have little or nothing to start their new lives. For example, while in federal prison they are only allowed to wear sports bras. Many of us may choose to wear a sports bra for comfort or exercise, yet for women who need more support, a better-fitting bra may be needed—especially if dressing for a job interview.

This need for bras really touched my heart. The Venerable Women sisterhood, which I founded in 2013 and then the Empowerment Foundation (which I founded in 2018) exist to support women in their journey to self-empowerment and self-worth. We offer programs, gatherings, and circles, which all provide sisterhood and have transformed many women’s lives.

The support a bra provides can be basic to a women’s self image and confidence, especially when starting life over as many of our sisters leaving prison are doing. This too, is a form of transformation.

Last month when I put a call out for gently-worn clean bras at a monthly gathering I host, the response was overwhelming. Bras new and gently-worn are coming in from all directions. Now we have enough to share, not just at the center where the Venerable Women sisterhood is leading the Clothing Closet, but to other centers in our state.

In addition to collecting the bras and offering mentoring support through our Living LOVE program, how else could we let the women know we care about them, I wondered. I had a stack of white gift bags left over from a Venerable Women event I did a few months ago. I gathered them up and then printed up sweet notes that said:

Dear Sister,
The word “venerable” means worthy of honor, love, and respect. You are venerable.

I left enough space so that a small hand-written message could be written by our Venerable Women volunteers. Then we all blessed the women who would receive the bras.

When I delivered the bags to the center, our contact got tears in her eyes. She said she was going to wait to distribute them so that I could be there and connect with our sisters when they open the bags.

Who knew that such a small thing could bring so much joy and a sense of being respected and cared for? Many of us are answering the call to make a difference in various ways. Together we are creating the world we want to live in, one kind act at a time. How is your heart wanting to serve? Thank you, in advance, for transforming our world.

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