Blessing Future Generations—Based on Our Choices Today

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I’m not sure many of us have lived during such a time as this.

Thoughtful, kind, conscious, and loving people are finding it a challenge to wrap their heads around a collective conversation and way of being that feels out of alignment with the “better angels of our natures.”

Rampant dishonesty, name-calling, rudeness, a lack of care or concern for the poor and disenfranchised, racism, sexism, war, hatred, and separation are some of the ways humanity’s lower nature has grabbed ahold of the steering wheel of our collective psyche.

Lower resonating thoughts and actions can come about for any of us at any time. The key to elevating our own lives and consequently the lives of others, is to stay in constant awareness, awakened to who we want to be and what we want to create—and then choose the higher way in every situation we can. Why? Because even though unkind or even hateful thoughts toward others may make a person feel better temporarily or even superior over others, this is not how we are internally wired to be. We are designed to be loving and kind, wise and joyful, authentic and inclusive—because we were created from the energy of Love, as an expanding expression of the Divine on earth.

Living as our highest and best selves could be its own reward and something we strive to do for our individual and collective happiness. But if we are not in the head or heart space to be the finest version of ourselves for ourselves—how about we do it for future generations? Younger generations of today and those yet to be born are the innocents; they are the ones for whom we pave a way forward, just as those who came before, did for us.

In choosing our elected officials and leaders of any kind, let’s do what the Women’s Congress for Future Generations invites us to do: ask how will this law, action, or way of being impact future generations? Requiring our leaders to answer that question with honesty (and doing so ourselves)—and then taking aligned action, blesses us all.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes reminds us, “Do not lose heart. We were made for these times.” This time in history is the transition we’ve been waiting for. And the greater the chaos, the greater the potential for transformation.

Do you feel it—that something big, something new, something grand and loving, is about to happen? I hold that vision and feeling with you, dear one, and look forward to celebrating our interconnected choice to use our free will to love, to be wise and kind, and to bless.

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