A Shift in the Myth

Being involved in many women’s groups and circles, and having conversations with friends and family over the years, I’d heard something that is feeling more like a myth than reality.

Have you ever heard it said (usually by a woman) that other women cannot be trusted? That women are competitive and conniving? That they are out to get one another? I remembered hearing versions of this idea shared by older women in my family when I was a little girl. And then I heard it repeated by many other women through the years.

Women, historically and with few exceptions, have had little power overall. (I write about this in my book). Perhaps the idea that women were out to “get one another” was based on social structures in which women felt (with good reason) they needed to attain power in any way possible. And maybe those power grabs included trying to outdo or diminish other women. It’s good to know that this was not true across the board and that paradigms can shift. We are evolving to new levels.

Over the weekend, Venerable Women was one of over 70 exhibitors at the 37th Annual Women and Spirituality Conference. I was excited to share our brand new Venerable Women Affirmation Cards and other offerings.

I experienced first hand, as did many others in attendance, little or no competition with one another. Women exhibitors and attendees helped one another, laughed together, and supported one another’s businesses and dreams.

For the most part, authenticity, kindness, and camaraderie permeated the building and wrapped us all in a great big hug.

Let’s continue to shift myths about separation of all kinds with our conscious thoughts, words, and actions.

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